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Self Care Like a Boss by Shannon Barber is a self-help guide on how to care for yourself in a world that tells you that you are last. It's for the othered and the marginalized. It's for real human beings who need real human advice on how to self-care when things aren't perfect. Self care is the best kind of revolution. Self Care Like a Boss is the realest, a self-help book without the bullshit. Shannon writes self-help within intersections of gender, race, class, and sexuality. This guide will bring out your best in every dimension.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Self-Love

Chapter 2: Why We Need Self-Care

Chapter 3: Self-Care Through the Hard Times

Chapter 4: How to Survive When Things are Bad

Chapter 5: Nourishing Your Body

Chapter 6: Finding Joy in Movement and Exercise

Chapter 7: Able-Bodied Mindfulness

Chapter 8: Celebrate Your Gender

Chapter 9: Dealing with Your Gross Body

Chapter 10: Beginner's Skin Care and Beauty

Chapter 11: Makeup for All the Faces

Chapter 12: Quick and Easy Recipes


About the Author

Straight from the author:

This guide is for the rest of us. It’s for those of us who wouldn’t line our litter boxes with lady mags (you know, those magazines that tell you things like, "YOU GO GIRL, but your thighs are awful and your vag stinks") or you all may not have vaginas or be the “women” those magazines target. Platitudes and advice to think positive make us want to hurl. It is for us poor people. It is for fat people. It is for thin people. For those who have eating disorders and mental illness. For those who are non-neurotypical, non-gender conforming, confused. A parent, person of color, queer, straight. This is for all of us.

Here’s the thing, my homie, not all of this stuff will apply to you personally. I do ask that you read those parts anyway. I believe that having an awareness of the real things going on in other people’s lives enriches us. It makes us more human. It makes us more prone to being good allies to those who need it. I hope you learn some concrete stuff, some more abstract stuff, and it is my fondest wish that, above all else, you learn, that you, my friend, are important.

You can expect some real talk lessons about how our culture does everything it can to prevent us from being as happy and healthy as we can be.

You can expect to gain some skills that will help you be better at being a partner, single, in a poly relationship, caretaker, and all round awesome human being.

I promise I will not bullshit you about anything. I am going to do my damndest to be honest with y'all. Because of that, some of this will be hard to read. I encourage you to brave the rough parts. I will also do my best not to shame you. Don’t mistake this for sugar coating because I won’t. I will not contribute to the things that are already trying to shame us all out of existence.

I will not exclude you. I promise that through this little book I will do my very best to be inclusive. Also understand that for the purposes of clarity and brevity I won’t make lists of every identifier I can think of. There will be times when advice or talk is genital specific. You can read that part too because I bet you know somebody with those parts and they might need help sometime.

There will be some talk about awful things. I will trigger warning where applicable. Be ready. I don’t do this to hurt you but to help those of us affected by x awful thing. I do feel that it is valuable to all of us to know about these things and what happens when others experience them.

There are going to be moments for white, cisgender, heterosexual people that will not be for you all. I may say things you think are mean but I urge you to get through those feelings. Being uncomfortable is not super terrible and I hope you will come out with some greater depth of understanding about people who are unlike you.

I do not proclaim myself to be an expert. I’m just a person who is very into the politics and how-tos of self-care for people who live in the margins. I do not possess the One-Two Way. I am not the Knower of All the Things. I am flawed. I am human. Please remember that if you decide I’m full of shit or wrong about something.

Now let’s get to it shall we?

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